How to Tell a Good Website

The next time you see a website you like, ask yourself what you like about it. Notice how it feels to use the site.

A good website should feel good to use. For one thing it should feel responsive and fast. It should also be very easy to access information, and understand what your company does.

How does your company’s website make people feel? How does it make you feel?

Website Theory

We have noticed that the more simple the design, the easier it is to understand the content. This is because design should actually be invisible. It should help create a good feeling and drive the reader to focus on the message. Beyond that, design needs to be so subtle that you don’t notice it at all.

A website may not be a physical space. But it is a virtual one. And just like any space, you need to make sure it both looks good and feels good to exist in. Most people tell us their company’s website frustrates them. Obviously, this is no good for business.

The Rusbarsky Method

There’s nothing magical about any one thing that we do. But combine all of the details, and the magic is obvious: a website that feels good to use and is easy to read. Here are some of the strategies we use in designing our clients’ websites:

1. We use graphics to eliminate copy congestion.

2. We use fewer words… and – we – let – the – words – breathe – !

3. We use the same words your visitors use.

4. We use interesting design to keep people’s attention.

5. We use expanding ‘Read More’ links to tidy up page content.

6. We use soft, approachable colors with generous use of open white space.

7. We use performance fast servers and write expert, optimized code onto them.

8. We use a single tier navigation for fast browsing.

9. We use tall page sections with high resolution imagery.

10. We use streamlined contact forms.

11. We use a personalized touch on every website we build.

This is how we create beautiful websites that are modern in every sense. If you appreciate our methodology for building websites, just get in touch with me.

Or, if there’s something you need fixed or updated, just let us know and I’ll get that taken care of for you, usually at no cost.

We would love to discuss your next project with you.


Dustin Rusbarsky

owner, Rusbarsky, LLC.

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