If I Had To Hire A Website Agency

If you’re like most companies, you’re probably happily running your daily business operations, hoping that all the web and tech stuff just gets handled. And when things break, or the website starts to die of old age, companies get the sneaking dread that something must be done.

Building a new company website can seem like a daunting, all-hands-on-deck process that consists of many painstaking months of writing content and searching through a never ending slew of stock photos. And it just seems like every vendor nowadays is promising the same things, re-using the same old platitudes, and building the same website over and over again. So how do you choose whom to hire?

As a company, we’ve always believed that the purchase of a new website is much like the purchase of a new vehicle. There are so many types, shapes, and sizes to choose from that the cost can vary wildly—from $500 or under, all the way up to six figures and beyond.

In fact, many self-starters and freelancers might not know that there are a ton of folks out there willing to build a website for free, just to bolster their portfolio in a new market, for example. Give them a referral somewhere down the line and they’ll be happier than a clam.

These days, cost is not the primary metric used to determine if a website agency can deliver what your company needs. And website technology has advanced so that even small agencies can produce good looking websites, even if it might not be as impressive under the hood. In other words, the process can quickly become overwhelmingly complex.

But we understand that you are the expert in your business. We don’t also expect you to be the expert in ours. That’s why we focus and invest in simplifying the experience our clients have when they work with us. Top performance websites and a fresh, modern design are the basis of what we do. But doubling down on our service experience has proven to yield far greater returns all around.

Instead of boring you with the details of “our proven 3-phase model,” let me simply tell you what I would do if I had to hire a website agency: I would look for the company that cares the most.

Most agencies are investing internally on systems and streamlined processes that don’t benefit their client or the client’s end user. Instead, scaleability is synonymous with pipeline efficiency.

So right off the bat, I would eliminate 80% of agencies right there.

The next thing I would look for is a company who talks a lot about the “research phase” of development. This is the most important phase, and sets the tone for the entire project. Sure, it can be a boring, tedious process. But we believe that a good agency goes to bat for your organization in order to fully understand the latest trends and perceptions in the marketplace. It’s hard work that we pride ourselves on.

Finally, I would pay attention to their words. Look at the words they use in their content. Are the words about you, or are they about them? Also pay attention to how they conduct the call. Again, it’s not about skills or experience. Anyone can use fancy words to confuse you.

Listen instead for the honesty. Are they busy talking about their agency or are they busy learning about yours? Do they ask you questions and help guide you to a solution? Or do they give you their pricing sheet?

I understand that different things are important to different people. And that’s what keeps the world spinning. But I think universally it’s better to work with a mature, established agency that understands the key to building a long term successful business is to focus incessantly on the client experience.

But again, that’s just our opinion.

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