What a Performance Website Really Is

Sorry to brag, but as far as I know, we were one of the first agencies out there using the term “performance websites.”

Occasionally we get asked, “What exactly is a “performance website?”, which presents the challenge of trying to explain our entire service model in five seconds or less.

Turns out five seconds is about as much time as you get from people these days. There’s just too much competition.

If we had to put it most simply, a performance website is one which performs and delivers at every level.

For example, we publish beautiful, UI/UX designs that perform by delivering a clean and modern approach to professional web development. We maintain that good design is invisible: it stays out of the way of the messaging and allows visitors to find things easily.

You are also welcome to have a look under the hood of our websites. You will find load times clocking in at under two seconds flat, with full mobile-first responsivity. Talk about performance!

Finally, and we believe this is the most important aspect: our websites themselves are a performance.

The secret hack of 2020 and beyond is that websites are no longer valued as repositories of information. They’re not meant to showcase your skills and experience. Modern websites put on a performance.

Any website can re-use the same old platitudes and rehashed, highfalutin promises. It’s the same old song and dance.

But when you truly appeal to your prospects, all of a sudden the game changes in their mind. You stand out as someone who understands their goals and motivations…as someone who can perform…someone they can trust.

This is really what we mean by “performance website.”

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